Goal Digger

Yesterday i watched a Finnish movie called Gold Digger on fmovies.se (free movies online). Its about a fashion blogger who is just copying all the prominent bloggers and who basically has nothing new to add to this world. One day she comes across a man who’s parents own a billion dollar company but the guy works in a furniture store because he is fed up with his mother and no one actually believes his new ideas. The girl is not working hard enough and the guy is being an escapist. It’s a funny yet a (little) thought provoking cinema. Seriously why do we blog ?! What is the point of blogging?! It made me start thinking. Most of the “style” or “fashion” bloggers just brag about what they have, what they bought, it’s a game of “how much can you show off.” Yes there is money and brand collaborations which actually helps the blogger meet her or his needs (read lifestyle). I’m also guilty of that. The gloss was so important to me at an younger age that I also posted shit on my previous blog www.styledoscope.blogspot.in . But shouldn’t we think that we are all becoming slaves of consumerism?! We are buying shit that we don’t need and creating a demand for it! I’m a fashion student but l am not ready to believe that’s only what fashion is for. Fashion designers liberated women from the cage of corsets, creates beautiful art with fabric and surface ornamentation, makes sure that the rich heritage of hand embroidery is still alive by giving jobs to artisans. Fashion is uplifting, it has to be. 


Ok let’s come back to the film. Gold Digger used a lot of pastel shades. Hot pink and turquoise was used as accent colours. I loved how they portrayed a shallow wanna be famous fashion blogger’s room. I must say the styling was appropriately done. 

Let’s enjoy few stills from the movie, shall we? 

The girl going to brand promotions. 

Her room : the blogger’s room 

And now few of my favourite frames :

Finland is picturesque. Wish to visit the country one day 😊

Ps – this panga sweatshirt is sooo adorable!! 


The Dressmaker : Coture, Women & Society

There aren’t many movies that are about fashion. Among them only very few makes me think. The Dressmaker is one of those thought provoking ones. 

If you hahaven’watche it yet then here is a small synopsis for you : In 1950s Australia, beautiful, talented dressmaker Tilly returns to her tiny hometown to right wrongs from her past. As she tries to reconcile with her mother, she starts to fall in love while transforming the fashion of the town.
What I loved about the film is that it not only deals with fashion but deals it with sensitivity and depth. It’s not the glitzy glamorous part of fashion but the pain behind it and the overcoming from the suffering through art. 

The town where the protagonist (Dressmaker/ Kate Winslet) returns is just like any society, only there hate is more visible than love. The women are unsure of themselves that’s why jealous of others. The Dressmaker brought out the shining versions of them through her one of a kind designs. Those women who probably lived all their lives in that tiny town felt liberated in her dresses. She brought them to a version of themselves which they dreamt to be or may be they could’t even dream! 

Coture is art, yes we all agree on that but what does this art do on people’s lives?! Coture transforms people. Not only from the outside but from the inside as well. At a point in the move Kate Winslet says that they (her customers) want to become someone else. I see nothing wrong in that. Trying to be a version of yourself that you always desired to become is not being a phony . That is why I can never think Holy Golightly  as a “real phony”  (Breakfast at Tiffany’s ). The power of a great dress empowers the wearer and that is the biggest achievement for any dressmaker or designer. 

Now enjoy some great dresses from the movie :

I love this white cape soooo much!! 

I’ve got your ball 😋

I’m in love with this Singer sewing machine!!! 😍😍😍😍

Thanks for reading this long post. As you can see by now , I loved this movie. Have you watched it ? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts 😊 ❤