How to Create a Collection : Part 1

Hello creative people , thank you for stopping by. Today I will talk about the initial stage of creating a designer collection.

The 1st step is to select a theme. Now , what is a theme? A theme can be anything which you find interesting. It can be trees, birds, sea, high school …. In this stage DO NOT think about dresses. Dresses will come eventually through this process.

I had chosen “Books” as a theme. Then I had to do a mind map on “Books”.

Mind mapping is easy . You have to think of five words related to the theme word [ex: Books]. These five words are called primary words. Now you have to think of five words related to the primary words. For example one of my primary words is ” imagination” which is related to the theme word “Book”. I had to think of 5 other words related to “imagination” . In this way I had to think of five words for each of my primary words. These new words are called secondary words. So we will get total number of 25 secondary words. Then we again have to think of 5 words related to each secondary words. Those words are called Tertiary words.

These are some mind maps I have made.


After finishing the mind map you have to select 8 to 14 keywords from the mind map. These keywords must reflect your theme. For my theme “Books” I selected “Time travel” , “literary”, “story”, “cozy”, “nostalgia”, “poetic”, “rhythm”, “exploration” , “magic realism”, “decorative”.

In my next post I will tell you guys how to make a theme board from these key words. Till then shake your head and make some mind maps !

Love ❤