In this wide world the concept is : a girl must be young and beautiful to be successful in life. There is a humongous industry just around woman and it’s constantly dictating how a woman should feel, behave, dress, eat or doesn’t eat. Girls as young as 10 are using makeup almost on a daily basis just because they are seeing it fucking Everywhere!! We are all blindly following the trend. How can a person be free if she is conditioned by the consumerist world?

Read a great piece onΒ AnOtherΒ . It tickled my mind.


I think every day how to break free,

How to deconstruct , how to disagree!


Goal Digger


Yesterday i watched a Finnish movie called Gold Digger on (free movies online). Its about a fashion blogger who is just copying all the prominent bloggers and who basically has nothing new to add to this world. One day she comes across a man who’s parents own a billion dollar company but the guy works in a furniture store because he is fed up with his mother and no one actually believes his new ideas. The girl is not working hard enough and the guy is being an escapist. It’s a funny yet a (little) thought provoking cinema. Seriously why do we blog ?! What is the point of blogging?! It made me start thinking. Most of the “style” or “fashion” bloggers just brag about what they have, what they bought, it’s a game of “how much can you show off.” Yes there is money and brand collaborations which actually helps the blogger meet her or his needs (read lifestyle). I’m also guilty of that. The gloss was so important to me at an younger age that I also posted shit on my previous blog . But shouldn’t we think that we are all becoming slaves of consumerism?! We are buying shit that we don’t need and creating a demand for it! I’m a fashion student but l am not ready to believe that’s only what fashion is for. Fashion designers liberated women from the cage of corsets, creates beautiful art with fabric and surface ornamentation, makes sure that the rich heritage of hand embroidery is still alive by giving jobs to artisans. Fashion is uplifting, it has to be. 


Ok let’s come back to the film. Gold Digger used a lot of pastel shades. Hot pink and turquoise was used as accent colours. I loved how they portrayed a shallow wanna be famous fashion blogger’s room. I must say the styling was appropriately done. 

Let’s enjoy few stills from the movie, shall we? 

The girl going to brand promotions. 

Her room : the blogger’s room 

And now few of my favourite frames :

Finland is picturesque. Wish to visit the country one day 😊

Ps – this panga sweatshirt is sooo adorable!! 

Ethnic Wear and Two Movies : Chitrangada by Rituparno Ghosh, Angry Indian Goddesses

There was a little girl. Let’s name her Chhoti. Chhoti had a wonderful protected childhood full  of friends and cousins, dancing and singing. She was a good girl because she used to listen to these words, “behave properly, what will people think about you?” , “Are you an exhibitionist? Why are you wearing this? Walking this way / talking this way!” , “You want to go for cycling like a bad girl!” , “People will think you are a game”, “you have a boyfriend!!! You whore!!”, “You are an embarrassment” “you are pretty!! You are superficial!” “I wish you fail”. These words became scars that she didn’t recognise as scars.she chose a path of pleasing the loved ones because she thought that it’s her nature to do so. She mistook shackles as bangles. But no one knew that she was a fighter, when that path almost killed her, she refused to walk. Instead she took a different path which she always wanted to follow. She was so lost that she didn’t care if she got more lost in the jungle of life. But she survived not only because she was a strong one but because the closest people accepted Chhoti the way she is. She also learnt to accept herself and it’s an ongoing process.


Pain comes when people can’t accept. Sometimes we want to be accepted too maybe not by the whole society but by the people we love, parents, friends, lovers. 

Rudra was not a “manly” man, there was a woman inside him. His sex was “male” but gender was not. He wanted to be accepted by his father, he wanted his father to be genuinely happy for his life decisions or just the way he was. On the other hand (In Angry Indian Goddesses) Frida’s father refused to come to her wedding because she was marrying a woman. The angry Indian Goddesses deals with other issues too but there was also a fear of being not accepted by her friends. Probably that’s why she kept her fiancΓ©e a secret. 

We all do the things we want to do at the end of the day (only if we are strong) but the journey becomes much smoother when we get the support of our loved ones. 

Wearing Mekhla, a saree like attire but it has 3 pieces. Mekhla is a Assamese dress.

Accepting and celebrating our own culture in our own ways can also be a form of accepting and understanding ourselves. That is how i feel whenever I wear Indian hand woven fabrics. These are not just clothes they are living arts which can become lost arts if people don’t buy them anymore. Then those artisans, the masters and keepers of these skills will have to go somewhere else for jobs. Somehow everything seems related. When they said “love yourself” i thought they meant only me. Actually love is so inclusive that it made room for so many more others or are they ‘me’s ! 

Mekhla from Assam Emporium, Kolkata, India.

‘Paisa Ring’ from Tanzil, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India.

Some Great Clothes and a Quote

Hi, beautiful creative minds! Im working day and night for the submission. As my theme is Hollywood Classics, I’m researching and collecting pictures of that era all the time! Those days, and those clothes!! Oh my God!! My favourite time period is 40s to 60s. What’s your? At that time clothes were functional and feminine. The patterns were so amazing! I was looking at all those mail ordered patterns and they were incredibly beautiful. People used to make their own dresses. I remember how my grandmother used to have a Singer sewing machine , a very vintage one. I think watching her working on her small projects made me fall in love with sewing and clothes. As a kid I made a dress out of an old curtain and mosquito net πŸ˜‚ Grandmother was very proud of that piece. 

Ok enough of my story, now enjoy these beauties !! 

Sooooo obsessed with this green satin dress. 😍

Some hair styles for the beauty lovers and fashion illustrators. 
And now it’s time for the quote 😎


Have a great day !! 😊

Beads & Sequins Motif : Tutorial

I shared this picture with you guys before. Now I’ll teach you how to make this simple motif on your own .

For this tutorial you will need 

1) beads

2) Sequins

3) thread

4) needle ( ask for the thinnest one)

5) scissors

6) fabric

First, draw the design on fabric, preferably  by pencil. Thread the needle and take 5 beads of you choice and stitch them like this –

Secure the line of beads in the following process –

Another picture if you still can’t understand –

Make 3 small lines containing 5 beads per line. Then use a sequin and 3 beads to create a dot in the motif –

These three beads will keep the sequin on place. Finish the mofif with a knot at the wrong side of the fabric. 

That’s it! It is this simple! You can easily use this motif on your top/ skirt / collar / bag .. almost anywhere you want. It’s not even time consuming. 

Let me know if i was able to explain it properly or not!! 

Love you beautiful creative people 🀘❀

How to Create a Collection : Part 3

Hi beautiful creative people, in this post I will talk about the 3rd stage of creating a designer collection. In previous two posts I have talked about the process of mind mapping and making a Themeboard. Now it’s time to make a Look Board and a Colour Palette. 

We need a Look Board because in the process of creating a collection we must be clear about certain things :

1) Who are the target customers?

2) Price range

3) Casual wear or Pret/ evening wear / bridal wear etc . We should be clear about what we are going to make. Afterall fashion is a business.

So to get a clear idea of the range of clothes we are going to creat, we will refer to the look board . 

Creating a look board is easy. Get few magazines and cut out those pictures of garments that you feel will go with the look of your collection. Now make a collage with those pictures. 

For example : My theme is Books and I want to create a collection which will be a little vintage and feminine and full of day dresses. So I collected pictures accordingly. You can download pictures from internet as well. 

After creating a Look Board we have to think what kind of colours will go with the Look as well as the Theme and also with the season. I’m going to create a collection for Spring Summer 2017. For that I hade to do a little research. There are many sites which forecast colours, go to any of them to get some ideas on what colours will be trending on 2017 summer. I did that and came up with these colours.


1) colours must have Pantone numbers.

2) in a Colour Palette there should be more or less 3 warm tones , 3 cool tones and 3 nutrals. 

That’s all for today’s post. On the next post I will discuss the process of fleshing out the designs. Till then enjoy making a look board and selecting colours. 😊❀

Ps : I love you guys 😊