How to create a collection : Part 2

Today’s class was excellent. I came back home feeling inspired, pumped up with excitement and thought that this is the right time to write my next post.
This is another step towards making the collection of your dream! In this post I’m going to talk about “Theme Board”. Remember the last post about how to do a mind map! Here is the linkΒ . From mind map we have to get 8-14 key words. Now we have to find pictures which can reflect the meaning of those words.
Here is an example : my theme is “books”
My keywords are :
Time travel
Magic realism
Nostalgia and Decorative


This is my (almost) finished theme board. So what key word which picture represents ?

The blue round one in the middle is ‘time travel’.

The cushions stands for ‘cozy’.

The yellow one with the carriage is for ‘stories’.

The wall paper is for ‘decorative’.

The round picture with flowers shows ‘magic realism’.

The girl dreaming is for ‘exploration’.

The white illustration stands for ‘nostalgia’

The two pictures where girls are reading books represent ‘literary’ and ‘poetic’

I hope now you can make a theme board from your mind map πŸ™‚ I collected all the pictures from old magazines.

See you soon with another post.

Till then, Keep it Creative !

Love ❀


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