The Dressmaker : Coture, Women & Society

There aren’t many movies that are about fashion. Among them only very few makes me think. The Dressmaker is one of those thought provoking ones. 

If you hahaven’watche it yet then here is a small synopsis for you : In 1950s Australia, beautiful, talented dressmaker Tilly returns to her tiny hometown to right wrongs from her past. As she tries to reconcile with her mother, she starts to fall in love while transforming the fashion of the town.
What I loved about the film is that it not only deals with fashion but deals it with sensitivity and depth. It’s not the glitzy glamorous part of fashion but the pain behind it and the overcoming from the suffering through art. 

The town where the protagonist (Dressmaker/ Kate Winslet) returns is just like any society, only there hate is more visible than love. The women are unsure of themselves that’s why jealous of others. The Dressmaker brought out the shining versions of them through her one of a kind designs. Those women who probably lived all their lives in that tiny town felt liberated in her dresses. She brought them to a version of themselves which they dreamt to be or may be they could’t even dream! 

Coture is art, yes we all agree on that but what does this art do on people’s lives?! Coture transforms people. Not only from the outside but from the inside as well. At a point in the move Kate Winslet says that they (her customers) want to become someone else. I see nothing wrong in that. Trying to be a version of yourself that you always desired to become is not being a phony . That is why I can never think Holy Golightly  as a “real phony”  (Breakfast at Tiffany’s ). The power of a great dress empowers the wearer and that is the biggest achievement for any dressmaker or designer. 

Now enjoy some great dresses from the movie :

I love this white cape soooo much!! 

I’ve got your ball 😋

I’m in love with this Singer sewing machine!!! 😍😍😍😍

Thanks for reading this long post. As you can see by now , I loved this movie. Have you watched it ? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts 😊 ❤ 


Help me Select a Theme for my Collection !!

This is how the floor of my room is looking right now. As you can see there are two theme boards and Look boards side by side. On the right side bottom row is my theme board on “Books” and above it is the look board for “books”. I want a vintage look for this theme.

On the left side bottom row is the theme board of “Classic Hollywood” and above it is the look board. I’m going with a vintage / glamorous evening wear for its look.

Now the problem is i have to choose only one theme to develop designs from , and eventually to create a collection!! I am soo confused right now! Floral day dresses are my strong points, so i can make a lot of variations from it. On the other hand I’m also fascinated by the glamorous drapes of evening gowns. I haven’t tried doing it yet and want to learn more.

What should I do guys? Should I stick to what I’m already good at or should I try something new?! 

Inspiration Booster

Just like any series addict sometimes i send days on finishing a series rather than completing any designing project. But then my inner voice scolds me and i go to Pinterest to find these pictures.

Lately i have been working on our Designing school projects. I will soon post the 3rd part of “How to Create a Collection” I promise. I have also finished some bead works . If you want to know how i did it please comment below. 

Guess what will i make with it?! 🙂

Have a creative day inspiring people . Don’t waste time watching back to back episodes . 

P.s: Have u watched a series called ‘Forever’? It’s goood. It’s about a man who is kind of immortal in this current world and……… 

How to create a collection : Part 2

Today’s class was excellent. I came back home feeling inspired, pumped up with excitement and thought that this is the right time to write my next post.
This is another step towards making the collection of your dream! In this post I’m going to talk about “Theme Board”. Remember the last post about how to do a mind map! Here is the link . From mind map we have to get 8-14 key words. Now we have to find pictures which can reflect the meaning of those words.
Here is an example : my theme is “books”
My keywords are :
Time travel
Magic realism
Nostalgia and Decorative


This is my (almost) finished theme board. So what key word which picture represents ?

The blue round one in the middle is ‘time travel’.

The cushions stands for ‘cozy’.

The yellow one with the carriage is for ‘stories’.

The wall paper is for ‘decorative’.

The round picture with flowers shows ‘magic realism’.

The girl dreaming is for ‘exploration’.

The white illustration stands for ‘nostalgia’

The two pictures where girls are reading books represent ‘literary’ and ‘poetic’

I hope now you can make a theme board from your mind map 🙂 I collected all the pictures from old magazines.

See you soon with another post.

Till then, Keep it Creative !

Love ❤

How to Create a Collection : Part 1

Hello creative people , thank you for stopping by. Today I will talk about the initial stage of creating a designer collection.

The 1st step is to select a theme. Now , what is a theme? A theme can be anything which you find interesting. It can be trees, birds, sea, high school …. In this stage DO NOT think about dresses. Dresses will come eventually through this process.

I had chosen “Books” as a theme. Then I had to do a mind map on “Books”.

Mind mapping is easy . You have to think of five words related to the theme word [ex: Books]. These five words are called primary words. Now you have to think of five words related to the primary words. For example one of my primary words is ” imagination” which is related to the theme word “Book”. I had to think of 5 other words related to “imagination” . In this way I had to think of five words for each of my primary words. These new words are called secondary words. So we will get total number of 25 secondary words. Then we again have to think of 5 words related to each secondary words. Those words are called Tertiary words.

These are some mind maps I have made.


After finishing the mind map you have to select 8 to 14 keywords from the mind map. These keywords must reflect your theme. For my theme “Books” I selected “Time travel” , “literary”, “story”, “cozy”, “nostalgia”, “poetic”, “rhythm”, “exploration” , “magic realism”, “decorative”.

In my next post I will tell you guys how to make a theme board from these key words. Till then shake your head and make some mind maps !

Love ❤